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Phone XS SUPCASE [Unicorn Beetle Pro Series] Case

Got this case in a few weeks ago and its holding up great! Very durable and very protective. Comes with a holster for those who like those types of cases but I personally use it without it. But have put it through its use for testing and its holding up well unlike some higher end brands I’ve tested.  

Case Does have a built in screen protector with it, which to be honest not big fan of it, and was able to pop it out, but its a great addition for those who don’t already have screen protection. I have dropped it a few times during videoing in my phone tripod on cement and its been holding up very well.   It has a very rugged feel along with adding the bulk which is expected but it protects the device perfectly for those looking for cheaper alternatives you wont be disappointed


OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case for iPhone 6/6s

This is my first otterbox since 2012 and back when I was an android user, I’ve seen several reviews regarding them not fitting correctly. But it seems Otterbox at one point made a new Revision of the case and I will say its great! I was looking for a “tougher” case to use when I might suspect myself dropping like when recording videos using a monopod etc. I found the perfect match! And I might be keeping this one on my phone for awhile. It fits my iPhone 6S perfectly no issues at all. I got the black case, I might actually buy a new white one as well. I got the black one cheaper as I bought it via Amazon Warehouse (so it might had been a return?) But its working great for me. My only gripe is the charger port cover but I guess its great to keep it safe from dust, but can be annoying at night when trying to charge the phone.


UPDATE: Sadly when it comes to the updated Version for the iPhone 7 the edges on the bottom are very rough, wish they wuld had kept the same overall build on there iPhone  7 version of the case

Speck CandyShell Protective Case Anti-Freeze Yellow iPhone 6/s Case

This is a Great case!, It fits snug, Nice colour (Guy here) Just something a little different to use than my clear case. Feels very durable and protective. I have not owned a Speck product since back when the Note 2 came out, which I also really loved. I got the Heritage Grey/Anti-Freeze Yellow Core colour. Its a great protective case and have always loved the Speck CandyShell products and glad I came back. See my only issue below.

Slim protective case
Nice colour combo
Excellent drop protection
Works perfectly well with my Glass screen protector

This case (Like my Note 2) one does show scratches easily, But honestly I’d rather it be the case than the phone itself. After about a day of use I do see small scratches even when I had carefully carried it today.

But this will be my main use case until something else may come out as so far this one is my favourite!