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I bought my lovely 2014 Latte Soul Base A/T back in March 2014. Had a whole 31 miles on it! (guess from other test drives) Got it for $14,222 with a few extras like mudflaps, SOUL floor mats, and maybe a few other dealer add-ons. No real mods besides my Amp and 2 12’s I pulled from my 2003 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Still running great! She has been to Tennessee (Only once) My Jeep went to Tennessee 100 times haha, South Carolina, and Virginia / VA Beach so far. About 4 Virginia trips to VA Beach so far (In a few weeks it will be going back 

I have took numerous photos of my soul, along with one I took in the fall of 2015, has been shared and spread across several dealer websites AND was posted by KIA Motors America on their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media accounts last month! Here is the link to their Twitter Post,https://twitter.com/Kia/status/697901801337720832 Also I’ll post a link below with some of my favs I’ve taken.

My Soul now has 56,000 miles, I had a check engine light at 21,000 were a sensor on the transmission threw a code, but fixed it self, but dealership replaced it anyway, along with the few recalls that’s came out. I do currently have 2 issues and 2 concerns. 1st main issue is the sun glasses holder, at random times it has a rattle like something broke off in it and is rattling around, but noticeable only really on roads that are not as smooth but is very annoying at times. Sometimes it makes noise sometimes it does not. 2nd is what sounds like coming from the back when going slowly over speed bumps or really bumpy roads like its the suspension but not sure. My 2 concerns is when turning off my car I hear a bubbling gurgling noise, I just recently recalled hearing it again since having to use AC. 2nd concern is my AC sometimes has a mildew smell but usually goes away after 30 seconds. Almost forgot somewhere around 30k my Poor rear passenger side window got shattered ohhh the glass everywhere, I think it was my dads fault as we suspect a rock may have flung up from the lawn mower, he felt bad and bought me a replacement from a wreaked Soul in Texas. (he owns a body shop) Picture in my gallery below. My Soul soon will need new tires, still running on the stock tires. My Soul made me proud last month, we had a Ice storm really bad here in NC, So many wreaks even right in front of me I seen people loose control of there vehicle but being safe my Soul got me through everything safely. – Video from my Dash Cam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmv_6cChc_s Local media used this video.

Overall I love my Soul and hope she makes it to 200k+!

Back in March 2020, I did a complete overhaul on the sound system in my Soul

Soul Mileage Updates!:

8/10/2017 – 72,000 miles

11/30/2017 – 75,800 miles

8/25/2019 – 98,800 miles!  (Getting there!)

10/14/2019 – 100,000 miles!

8/30/2020 – 109,000 miles