TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem (TC-7620) Review

This is my review on the TP-LINK TC-7620 model. I’m currently using this on a smaller Cable provider and activated it over the phone in just a few minutes, some providers might actually be easier and you just get a landing page for you to login so you do not have to call. Came online almost instantly after giving the MAC address of my new modem. The modem comes online pretty quickly. Very stable connection my provider is not known for the best reliability sometimes due to living out in the sticks but this modem handles it very well. I have great SNR 40db+ (signal to noise ratio) This modem is pretty much on par with other 16×4 modems out there just not as expensive. I’ve had my hands on and this one will now be my main use modem due to the stability.
Another thing I like about this modem is that the front indicator lights are no where near as bright has my previous modem which would light up the whole room so this is a big plus no longer need to cover up the modem. The Web interface is nice and clean (See photos)

Overall its a great modem and will be even better once my ISP upgrades my area so I can take full advantage of the extra downstreams this modem provides.