TP-Link Deco M5 Whole Home Mesh WiFi System Review

Stable & Reliable! Wireless Router/Mesh setup. It has been very stable in my week of ownership without any issues. I have a large two story house with 10+ wireless devices and another 6+ or so smart wifi devices along with an extensive wired network. It handled everything great! Did have a few issues (See cons) Which hopefully will be addressed in an software update for those who want more control with there network, but if you want something that just works without tinkering and need a mesh like setup these are perfect! Very easy to setup with a mobile device tested it on both Android and iPhone/iOS device (Setup in my video here on an Android device). I do like the convince of getting a notification when a new device connects to my network.

As of testing I only had a 24/2 Cable connection, My area finally got 100/10 and it handles it even better!

– Easy setup
– It just works with any hassle!
– Great WiFi Range and awesome coverage when you have more than one.
– Handles tons of devices without issue all at once

What this router needs/Cons:
-First and foremost it needs a Access Point/bridge mode for those that want to put it behind another router and use it just for WiFi (Which I was hoping to use it for)
– Better QoS system for those with slower connections
– Would be nice to have a BW usage monitor as well

Update: Now has an Access point mode!

TP-Link AC5400 Wireless Wi-Fi MU-MIMO Tri-Band Router Review

This is one of the most perfect high end Wireless routers I have came across. Currently was using a Nighthawk R7000 running Tomato. WiFi wise this is a world of a difference even on devices that do not support the high end 5GHz spec this is specd for. I’m able to do 20 MB/s + (200Mbps+) transfers on my ThinkPad laptop and even higher on some of my android devices not bad! I have a slightly lower internet speed but this comes in handy for file transfers to and from my server over WiFi on portable devices otherwise I’m a wired person. Firmware is very feature filled compared to some other brands.

QoS works perfectly as I only have a 2Mbps up and uploading will kill my connection with QoS and QoS works wonderfully without hassle. Another feature I like is being able to use a 3G/LTE modem and or an android device with tethering and it be routed through the router for times the internet may go out. WiFi range is slightly better than my Nighthawk R7000 which any improvement with wireless is great, It covers most of my 2 story house without issue. 5 GHz range on the other hand is a huge improvement over other routers I’ve owned the range is great! While usually the 5 GHz band is lacking but this one is one of the best.

The Router is perfect for a heavy household was able to handle my 25+ devices computers, phones, tablets, etc without issue. Gaming worked perfectly with no issue with the perfect QoS settings. Was able to download some updates, while uploading a video to YouTube and QoS kept things stable while Playing World of Warcraft.
This is a review of a free product received from TP-LINK as part of the review program

Rosewill Unmanaged 1Gbps Switch (RC-410LX) Review

This has been the best switch I have owned so far, as well as being the main switch beside my Router. I have pushed probably 60TB of Internet traffic and backups to my sever to it over the years and its still working perfectly. I have had some smaller 5 port switches from other brands around the same price range already have dead ports and weird problems, but this one has held up. I do wish it was metal but the plastic keeps the costs down.


Update: 8/14/2017 Switch still works perfectly!

OtterBox COMMUTER SERIES Case for iPhone 6/6s

This is my first otterbox since 2012 and back when I was an android user, I’ve seen several reviews regarding them not fitting correctly. But it seems Otterbox at one point made a new Revision of the case and I will say its great! I was looking for a “tougher” case to use when I might suspect myself dropping like when recording videos using a monopod etc. I found the perfect match! And I might be keeping this one on my phone for awhile. It fits my iPhone 6S perfectly no issues at all. I got the black case, I might actually buy a new white one as well. I got the black one cheaper as I bought it via Amazon Warehouse (so it might had been a return?) But its working great for me. My only gripe is the charger port cover but I guess its great to keep it safe from dust, but can be annoying at night when trying to charge the phone.


UPDATE: Sadly when it comes to the updated Version for the iPhone 7 the edges on the bottom are very rough, wish they wuld had kept the same overall build on there iPhone  7 version of the case

Speck CandyShell Protective Case Anti-Freeze Yellow iPhone 6/s Case

This is a Great case!, It fits snug, Nice colour (Guy here) Just something a little different to use than my clear case. Feels very durable and protective. I have not owned a Speck product since back when the Note 2 came out, which I also really loved. I got the Heritage Grey/Anti-Freeze Yellow Core colour. Its a great protective case and have always loved the Speck CandyShell products and glad I came back. See my only issue below.

Slim protective case
Nice colour combo
Excellent drop protection
Works perfectly well with my Glass screen protector

This case (Like my Note 2) one does show scratches easily, But honestly I’d rather it be the case than the phone itself. After about a day of use I do see small scratches even when I had carefully carried it today.

But this will be my main use case until something else may come out as so far this one is my favourite!


TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router

Finally found a replacement for my NETGEAR R6300v2. This is a Awesome router! Its almost perfect! I love it!.

My only few complaints, The newer firmware released on 8/27/15 the new interface is decent, BUT the QoS system does NOT work for limiting uploads so thankfully I can downgrade or this router would be returned as that is a main issue as I only have a 2mbps upload. And the older BW control works perfect.

The newer firmware is more rounded and good along with the traffic statistics is nice! But performance/QoS I had to downgrade. Hopefully they will either fix this, and or go back to there old system of BW limiting which worked perfect.

Amcrest HDSeries Outdoor 720P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera

I’ve had some experience this past year with security cameras/CCTV due to helping my local gym with Networking along with there camera system (sort of like Amcrest DVR systems) And just last week purchased and installed one of the Amcrest 8 Channel DVR systems for a local Chinese Restaurant and there in love! and so I am over Amcrest cameras now.

Now about this camera, when first unboxing it I noticed how hefty and great build it was. I first plugged it up and used Ethernet for first setup, setup a static IP with my Router and went into the cameras management interface (TONS better than others out there) So many wonderful features and settings! (See Video of the tour) I first setup WiFi though this interface (This can also be done through the iPhone or Android app without having to first connect it via Ethernet like some have stated) I connected this to my WNDR3800 WiFi Access Point which is connected to my main Router a Netgear R7000. Connection went flawlessly, Camera will be hooked up on my front porch and WiFi signal going through several walls and it picks up perfectly! So to have it outside all you need is power and your good to go! I then went own to setup FTP settings to my personal home server to store recordings on it as well as using Amcrest Cloud, which is very easy to use and nice interface. And with the files that are sent from the camera to my home FTP server, I view them using Amcrest Smart Play program, and in which acts like a DVR for the files and they can be outputted to normal video files if needed.

I’ve included video samples in my video 🙂

TP-LINK DOCSIS 3.0 High Speed Cable Modem (TC-7620) Review

This is my review on the TP-LINK TC-7620 model. I’m currently using this on a smaller Cable provider and activated it over the phone in just a few minutes, some providers might actually be easier and you just get a landing page for you to login so you do not have to call. Came online almost instantly after giving the MAC address of my new modem. The modem comes online pretty quickly. Very stable connection my provider is not known for the best reliability sometimes due to living out in the sticks but this modem handles it very well. I have great SNR 40db+ (signal to noise ratio) This modem is pretty much on par with other 16×4 modems out there just not as expensive. I’ve had my hands on and this one will now be my main use modem due to the stability.
Another thing I like about this modem is that the front indicator lights are no where near as bright has my previous modem which would light up the whole room so this is a big plus no longer need to cover up the modem. The Web interface is nice and clean (See photos)

Overall its a great modem and will be even better once my ISP upgrades my area so I can take full advantage of the extra downstreams this modem provides.

TP-Link Smart Plug (HS110) Review

This is another awesome product from TP-LINK! I first got this when I was sick and started using it for my bedside fan to turn it off and on as needed made things a lot easier on myself when I could just use my phone to turn on and off something so simple. Currently use it for my tall room lamp for convince, Still looking for new uses!

It was extremely easy to setup, Just downloaded the app, plugged it in the wall socket, the app detected and it connected it easily to my WiFi network (TP-LINK archcher C9) Also works great with my Netgear R7000 router as well. Has very good range tested it in the downstairs part of my home. I’ve control it with both my Android devices and my iPhone 6 & 6S

BLU R1 HD Android Smartphone Review

So far its working great! Will be using this as a 2nd line replacement phone, Phone was a surprise when removing it from the box, the screen looks great! Even the viewing angles look perfect! As well as its easy and great to hold in the hands and very light seems lighter than my S6. This is my first dual sim device which will come in handy. I own a number from an 80s song which mostly is there to collect calls and is on prepaid, but my plan with this device is have it on that line which is text/calls only for Sim 1 and then sim 2 is a data only sim from T-Mobile which provides 200MB of data each month for free so I have a fully featured 2nd phone in case I ever needed it. But that also leads to a con (more of that below) I will also be using this as my Dash Cam in my car as well due to having a Micro SD slot and video quality seems more than enough.

The camera is pretty good as well not as good as a high end phone of course but its better than any other in this price range I have posted a photo taken with this device here.

One of my first noticed cons is the dual sim feature, which may not apply to everyone but My first sim for calls/text is an AT&T prepaid sim and my 2nd is a T-Mobile sim for Data 2G/3G/4G(LTE) But seems only 1 sim at a time can access any network other than 2G. So that means my non data AT&T prepaid sim will run on 2G only which will result in a problem come Jan 1st 2017, AT&T is shutting down there 2G network meaning I would no longer be able to use this in its current setup.

But in all if I had to give up a flagship for a month or day or whatever to use this I defiantly could its usable! Makes a great 2nd phone and or backup phone.

The Amazon Ads are not that intrusive and only show up on the lock screen which is not a bother to me.

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