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Speck CandyShell Protective Case Anti-Freeze Yellow iPhone 6/s Case


This is a Great case!, It fits snug, Nice coloured (Guy here) Just something a little different to use than my clear case. Feels very durable and protective. I have not owned a Speck product since back when the Note 2 came out, which I also really loved. I got the Heritage Grey/Anti-Freeze Yellow Core colour. Its a great protective case and have always loved the Speck CandyShell products and glad I came back. See my only issue below.

Slim protective case
Nice colour combo
Excellent drop protection
Works perfectly well with my Glass screen protector

This case (Like my Note 2) one does show scratches easily, But honestly I’d rather it be the case than the phone itself. After about a day of use I do see small scratches even when I had carefully carried it today.

But this will be my main use case until something else may come out as so far this one is my favourite!

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New Trent Trentium 6S Rugged Protective Durable iPhone 6 Case


This is one of the best quality cases I have gotten so far for my iPhone 6 in Silver. Its very stylish from the interchangeable backs to its decent protection.

Its very nice to hold in the hand and is comfortable. Lock button is easy to press and so are the volume buttons with no issue there. My only 2 issues with the case are the “built in screen protector” and the flaps over the headphone, lighting port, and vol switch. But that does not affect the usage of the case just a personal preference. I highly recommend this case and will certainly be using it for a little while on my iPhone.

I have included images of the actual case and my actual iPhone 6

I received this case in exchange for my unbiased review.

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TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 Dual Band Wireless AC Gigabit Router


Finally found a replacement for my NETGEAR R6300v2. This is a Awesome router! Its almost perfect! I love it!.

My only few complaints, The newer firmware released on 8/27/15 the new interface is decent, BUT the QoS system does NOT work for limiting uploads so thankfully I can downgrade or this router would be returned as that is a main issue as I only have a 2mbps upload. And the older BW control works perfect.

The newer firmware is more rounded and good along with the traffic statistics is nice! But performance/QoS I had to downgrade. Hopefully they will either fix this, and or go back to there old system of BW limiting which worked perfect.

Rosewill Seal, Silent, 140 mm Case Fan RAWP-141411

Rosewill Seal, Silent, IP56 Dust Resistant Splash-Proof 140 mm Case Fan RAWP-141411 Review

This is a great case fan!, Im about to order a few more to replace some again fans, I’ve always liked Rosewill products and this one is very nice, the colors are really not that bad it makes it unique to me. The fan is very quiet and moves a ton of air! I defiantly recommend this fan along with other rosewill fans, If you see in the video the blue illumination is from a Blue LED Rosewill fan as well!

Amcrest HDSeries Outdoor 720P WiFi Wireless IP Security Bullet Camera

20160317_200834211_iOSI’ve had some experience this past year with security cameras/CCTV due to helping my local gym with Networking along with there camera system (sort of like Amcrest DVR systems) And just last week purchased and installed one of the Amcrest 8 Channel DVR systems for a local Chinese Restaurant and there in love! and so I am over Amcrest cameras now.

Now about this camera, when first unboxing it I noticed how hefty and great build it was. I first plugged it up and used Ethernet for first setup, setup a static IP with my Router and went into the cameras management interface (TONS better than others out there) So many wonderful features and settings! (See Video of the tour) I first setup WiFi though this interface (This can also be done through the iPhone or Android app without having to first connect it via Ethernet like some have stated) I connected this to my WNDR3800 WiFi Access Point which is connected to my main Router a Netgear R7000. Connection went flawlessly, Camera will be hooked up on my front porch and WiFi signal going through several walls and it picks up perfectly! So to have it outside all you need is power and your good to go! I then went own to setup FTP settings to my personal home server to store recordings on it as well as using Amcrest Cloud, which is very easy to use and nice interface. And with the files that are sent from the camera to my home FTP server, I view them using Amcrest Smart Play program, and in which acts like a DVR for the files and they can be outputted to normal video files if needed.

I’ve included video samples in my video 🙂
I received this product for a discount in exchange for my unbiased review.

Donkey Bong

The ONLY clear version of this song on the internet! I ripped it myself when it was on the joecartoon website before they took it off

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