New Trent Trentium 6S Rugged Protective Durable iPhone 6 Case


This is one of the best quality cases I have gotten so far for my iPhone 6 in Silver. Its very stylish from the interchangeable backs to its decent protection.

Its very nice to hold in the hand and is comfortable. Lock button is easy to press and so are the volume buttons with no issue there. My only 2 issues with the case are the “built in screen protector” and the flaps over the headphone, lighting port, and vol switch. But that does not affect the usage of the case just a personal preference. I highly recommend this case and will certainly be using it for a little while on my iPhone.

I have included images of the actual case and my actual iPhone 6

I received this case in exchange for my unbiased review.


Updated: May 14, 2017 — 4:53 am
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